Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey-Hey! It's Bob Barr!

I got the opportunity to meet Mr. Bob Barr today, and must say I was very impressed. He gave a short talk about the Libertarian Party and the necessity for third party's in the political discourse. Best line: "The Libertarian Party is for smaller government. Smaller government with a capital S." Here's a picture of me and the affable Presidential candidate!

* Paul Krugman says that anyone who disagrees with the President over the stimulus should be "written off as a...dishonest flack".
* ACORN and other similar groups could get billions in stimulus money.
* ABC and George Stephanopoulos continue to carry the water for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party.
* Soviet Britain... Will the same thing happen here?
* The Democrat Party is the party of war. VP Joe Biden shows who the war hawks really are. This shows how hypocritical supporters of the Democrat Party and the Party itself are...the only time war is bad is when the Republicans are in control. Word is the Obama administration has already rejected an Afghan peace program.
Dr. Ron Paul says "Don't expect a change in foreign policy."

* Old Gitmo detainees...rearrested for terrorism.
* Not so "peaceful" Palestinian supporters attack actually peaceful Israeli supporters.
* The National Review's pictures of the March for Life. Now the LA Times coverage. See any difference?
* Yet ANOTHER, name that party example of media bias. In fact this edition is special because it fails to name the party (Democrat) of 3 different corrupt officials. Another "name that party" example from Good Morning America.
* The Huffington Post proves once again to be a confederacy of dunces.
* Geert Wilders banned from British House of Lords.
* Pot growers in northern California are doing just fine.
* I have your next must read! “A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media” by Bernard Goldberg. Here is an early review of this sure to be fabulous book. Here you can find a couple of other suggestions to be read.
* Will Matt Damon accept the debate challenge? Doubt it.
* Hundreds of Democrats rally for pedophile mayor.
* Ridiculous News of the day!! Your Democrat government at work... $135K in Pennsylvania spent teaching 17 kids to iceskate.

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