Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Big Hollywood!

The renowned Andrew Breitbart has just started a new web page catering to his fellow Hollywood conservatives. While the name really says it all, the website is a great way for the rest of us in fly-over country to get a handle on the goings-on of the Hollywood elite but with a conservative spin.
So please take the time to surf over to BIG HOLLYWOOD and check out some of the just posted articles. Breitbart has found some intelligent and creative writers to pen their views of the modern day Vanity Fair.
Just a couple of good articles already on the site:
* Andrew Klavan on the purpose of BIG HOLLYWOOD.
* Hollywood's love-hate relationship with Christians.
* Hollywood's obsession with politics.
* Conservatives are persecuted in Hollywood.
* Greg Gutfeld being very, very funny.

From elsewhere:
* Paul Krugman is a very funny man...the problem is...it's not on purpose. More on kicking the Krugman habit.
* Cal Thomas interviews the President one last time before he leaves office.
* European-Israeli relations may be dissipating quickly.
* Stomach churning article of the day. The Left wants to be patriotic thanks to President-elect Obama.
* CBS brings Ann Coulter on their morning show only to disrespect her...no such thing as media bias, huh?
* One of your fellow citizens has been indicted in Oklahoma for being pro-democracy...this is a disgusting portrait of a power hungry politician abusing his position.
* Jack Cafferty is full of stupid questions.
* The New York Times...clueless?

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