Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Burn up those phones!

Find a list of phone numbers to call here!
* Gary Graham finds it ironic that the "love generation" spawned cultural acceptance of murder/abortion.
* Brian Williams thinks Obama was the first good option for President in generations.
* Proof! Tax reductions are a more effective stimulus than tax rebates! Here is a synopsis of the report from Neal Boortz.
* Remember when Paul Krugman called opponents of the new Obama stimulus "dishonest flacks"? Well more than 200 distinguished economists beg to differ...they have signed an open letter to President Obama opposing the bailouts. Here are some more economists against the spending...
and the not so stimulating effect of the proposed stimulus. "This isn't just your run-of-the-mill pork. What we are seeing happen right now is that Congress sees this crisis as an opportunity to enact a whole variety of programs that they've wanted to pass for years, especially (but not only) the Democrats who no longer fear a veto, and now finally have the chance."
* A spread the wealth grading policy.
* Economic times are so tough that we are sending tax dollars overseas to fund abortions. 4 Republicans voted to do this with the Dem's they are; Collins (R-ME),
Murkowski (R-AK), Snowe (R-ME), and Specter (R-PA). RINO's one and all.
* Can you guess the political persuasion of most college professors? Bet you can...
Here is the study to back up the report.
* Thanks to Strike the Root for this complete list of nation's that were formerly poor then adopted socialism and became prosperous. How long do you think this list is? Exactly.
* Connecticut is considering punishing low level marijuana users with a fine instead of criminal charges! A step in the right direction....
* 60% of Americans are worried that President Obama and the Democrat Congress will increase spending too much in the next four years. It's a little too late to start worrying about that folks!!!
* Obama the Imperialist.
* This is how much I support the President.
* Ted Nugent exposes Attorney General nominee Holder on gun control. Here's a HUGE surprise...Arlen Spector will vote yes, on Mr. Holder. Will someone please get rid of the RINO?
* PBS says that President Obama is the first "truly American" President. Pardon?
* Did you know that President Obama is too perfect to make fun of?
* Public Schools no longer taking Veteran's Day off as a holiday because, "student's don't understand the meaning behind the day." I'm sorry...why do they go to school?
* John Updike...not as good as they say.
* Maybe Detroit's unions could learn a little from these folks...?
* An honest look at global warming figures. And a former NASA employee is "embarrassed" by his underlings global warming work. More from Algore on global warming.
* Norm Coleman has a new recount website up.
* "What's my party?" bias...prostitution style!
* Not so funny news of the day: Why PETA is dangerous.
* Very funny news of the day: President Obama shows that maybe President Bush was the smart one!

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