Monday, January 12, 2009

Mundane Monday!

* The latest annual awards for best conservative blogs is out...and no, Ramblin' didn't make the cut!
* A good citizen being arrested for practicing civil disobedience by holding a bag of marijuana. Arrested for touching a plant.......

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* Is the movie Wanted, a shill for fascism?
* British police have admitted to, and now plan to increase, hacking home computers without a warrant.
* President Bush has agreed with our next President to continue the socialization of our country.
* The Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme case proves that more government is not the answer. Government forced inflation is the "non-threatening" way to redistribute income.
* A newspaper editor in Sri Lanka wrote his own obituary before meeting his gruesome death.
* Top Russian scientists believe we are in for some intense global cooling.
* Mickey Rourke doesn't "blame all of our problems on Bush".
* The Christian film Fireproof was Hollywood's best investment this year.
* The world's first flying car is ready for test runs!

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