Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are Republicans starting to remember why they were elected?

* There have been far too few good days for the Republican Party over the last few (like 6) years... but yesterday was one of them.
My only problem with the way the Republicans stood up to the bailout was...why didn't this happen sooner? Why did these same people allow President Bush to forcefeed us the first bailout? Why did these people allow the Democrats to write those stimulus checks? Where have the fiscal and government power conservatives been for the last 6 years? It smells of hypocrisy...and I am not an ends justify the means guy. I need consistent stands on principle, not waffling from my leaders. I know the Democrats won't give me what I am looking for and I doubt the Republicans can find the stones to start doing it now. But here's hoping.
* Rush Limbaugh offers up his suggestion for a bipartisan stimulus.
* ABC and CBS are mad at Republicans for not supporting Mr. Obama's stimulus plan. Here is a great quote from Katie Couric:
"Republicans relentlessly attacked the bill despite the President's extraordinary efforts to get bipartisan support.”
* Dick Morris with some suggestions for the loyal opposition.
* President Obama says the problem with FDR's New Deal was that he didn't spend enough money fast enough... uh-oh. We might be in a bit of trouble. Oh, and the government has fiscal diarrhea.
* Some of the fun stuff in the bailout bill.
* Democrats want illegal aliens to cash in on some of the stimulus.
* Will the mainstream media cover the Iraqi elections this week?
* Guess what... torture policies of the new administration are not so different from the last!
* Having access to a gun in your home lowers the crime rate.
* Hollywood's problem with Jesus.
* My greatest fear is driving down the road and seeing this...

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