Thursday, January 15, 2009

More and more Media Bias

* Another corrupt Obama this still funny? President-elect Obama's choice for Treasury Secretary didn't just "forget" to pay his taxes; he got a tax reimbursement for NOT paying them. Do you expect me to believe that even after he got the reimbursement he did not realize that he didn't pay taxes!?! The Wall Street Journal is reporting that he was repeatedly advised he would be responsible for his taxes! Ridiculous. Is the Washington Post trying to bury the story?
* Change you can believe in...

* Media Bias? The Washington Times cheers President-elect Obama upon his arrival to their offices. I have no problem with this on it's face, I think the President (and President-elect) should be cheered. My problem is this; would the folks at the Washington Times cheer the arrival of President Bush? I think not. Recent report that shows the media is "happier" on Democrat Inauguration days!
* Andrew Klavan brilliantly exposes the lies the media feeds us...and we actually start to believe.
* This is why my fellow Libertarians are wrong about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. President Ahmadinejad of Iran says "It is not feasible for Israel to live." I understand where the Libertarian Party gets it's stance on this issue and I am with them 100% if the argument is between two nation's with a disagreement. I agree about the war in Iraq, and in general about American Imperialism...but Israel's fight is for it's survival. We may not agree with the Neocons but if Israel is not careful her neighbors (Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc.)will drive her into the sea.
* The U.S. military reports that a sudden collapse of the Mexican government is possible. Why, you ask? Drug cartels. I wonder what would happen to these cartels if the US government ended it's war on drugs. Could the free market help to destroy these cartels and save the Mexican government at the same time...probably...but we will never know.
* Will McCain finally just abandon the Right? He may be Obama's secret weapon.
* A great article about "The Worst Mayor in America".
* (GASP) Jon Stewart and Fareed Zakaria get laughs and cheers by saying "I blame Bush..."!
* The case for "sweatshops".
* Would you have been a Nazi? Most people might be surprised at what they could do when a little peer/government pressure is applied.
* Parents who named their son after Adolf Hitler...have the kids taken by the state. When did we actually arrive in Nazi Germany?

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