Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ann Coulter and Free Publicity!

* An American Muslim cleric has announced that destruction is coming to America "soon". More on this from Gateway Pundit.
* Mentioned this yesterday but it was good enough to repost, and really, the article is a must read. Heather Mac Donald has written an enlightening piece on crime and violence in America's black community. La Shawn Barber adds her astute observations to the discourse.
* Hitler had a New Deal too. There are signs that President-elect Obama's new New Deal won't help the economy one bit. Oh, and apparently his economic "advisers" don't know what advice to give!
* The Nobel Prize winning comedian, er, I mean economist, Paul Krugman predicts how conservatives will "spin" the "failure" of Obamanomics.
* The porn industry wants a bailout.
* The government should be indicted for the Ponzi scheme it runs, that makes Bernie Madoff look like a small time hood. While we are at it the Democrat Party should be indicted too, for promoting violence upon the rich...class warfare.
* Media bias. Ann Coulter appeared on NBC today (twice), first with Matt Lauer, then with Hoda and Kathie Lee. I did not get to watch the action but I was able to read the transcripts and I have to say I was amazed by the second interview! I felt that Hoda and Kathie Lee were fair, and that they had valid concerns about Coulter's writing. They focused on the tone of her writing, and I think it is fair to say that Coulter can be quite caustic with her words. She defends herself by basically saying, 'it's satire' and 'it sells'. Matt Lauer on the other hand was dripping with disdain. Coulter held her own in the interview but Lauer was... less than impartial.
* Jewish students are not being admitted into certain Danish schools because of fear of violence from Muslim students.
* Human Events interviews the President one last time, before he leaves office.
* Ted Nugent on Israel's path to peace.
* After reading this review, I may indeed drop some cash to see "Valkyrie" at my local theater.

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Cork said...

Hi there. I just read your post about some libertarians not welcoming you into the movement because you're "right-leaning" (I figured I'd comment here, since the other post is kind of buried.)

Well, allow me to welcome you!
Personally, I think you have enough of a libertarian streak to ally with the libertarian movement. And I’m a pretty hard-core libertarian (as my blog makes clear). I was also a conservative before I became a libertarian, so I can understand some of what you’re going through.

I wanted to link you to two excellent libertarian articles—one dealing with abortion, one dealing with gay marriage.

Hope these help!