Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Terrorists like to terrorize...?

* A very persnickety and cantankerous Senator. And, he just happens to be a Democrat.
* Soon to be Secretary of State Clinton promises to make fighting climate change a priority of her office. Someone needs to tell her that we are already winning this climate change thing, she should focus on something else.
* Has anyone ever seen this kind of uproar with the Presidential Inauguration before? Obama received the same number of votes that President Bush did in 2004...but I don't remember there being some kind of ground swell of euphoria with his election. This is just more proof that the media is in bed with a political party, and cannot be trusted.
*Released detainees from Gitmo are returning to terrorism...duh. Doesn't this make more sense than the alternative..."people we arrested for terrorism aren't really terrorists." If we detained them because of ties to terrorists doesn't it make sense that spending time in a military prison would not deter them from going back to that!?!
So what do we do with them now that it seems we will actually close down Gitmo?

* A scathing anecdote on the state of our criminal justice system.
* The destruction of the Federal Reserve is long overdue.
* The recently released movie "Che" is a bad movie about an evil man. There are conservatives who disagree.
* Losing the war on drugs.
* Are ya'll ready for war to be okay, again?
* The Dems say, "Tax the poor!"
* Enjoy the First Amendment while you can...

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