Thursday, April 30, 2009

No to socialized medicine

* A rational and reasoned argument against national healthcare.
* More proof that National Healthcare will be disastrous...look at the poor cancer patients trying to survive in Britain.
* Have you considered that there would be no secrets from a Nationalized Healthcare system?
* Eugenics is making a comeback...
* What America has to look forward to...
* The Obama administration's policies are fascist.
* How left-wing politics has destroyed the drama genre in Hollywood.
* Congress has decided to expand hate crimes legislation...careful what you think, folks...and be very careful who you tell.
* Some folks are taking this secession talk awfully serious.
* 100 days of lies, blunders, and gaffes.
* Why democracy and freedom don't mix.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 days down...1360 to go!

I am so tired of the media drumbeat on the death of conservatism. The GOP and the Democrat Party are the same if one is dead so is the other...and honestly they both seem to be a live and well to me. The GOP ran a decrepit, mealy mouthed, double speaking, war hero in the last election and still managed to get 46% of the vote. If they had run a good candidate they might have been able to pull 48-49%. The last few years of downturn in the GOP's standing has been born out of the simple fact that they two parties are too similar. If both parties are for the same goals, obviously voters will choose the party that actually stand by their decisions. The Democrats preach socialist ideology, while the Republicans claim to detest it. But the actions the two parties take is proof that the Democrats like socialism and the Republican Party really doesn't mind it either. The current Republican quandary is not that the party is dead or the American people are more ideologically liberal. The problem is that Republican rhetoric does not match Republican action. Yes, the GOP is at a disadvantage because of the liberal media... but they can overcome that gap by sticking to their guns. Smaller government, more personal freedom, and fiscal responsibility. Wake up, GOP.
* Barack W. Obama. Second song, same as the first... bring on the STATE.
* Will Obama's arrogance be his undoing?
* Obama will be his own undoing.
* Obama a Clinton or a Carter? Yikes...both are bad options.
* The Specter defection could backfire.
* Government help really hurts!
* The truth about gun control and how it leads to state sponsored genocide.
* Neal Boortz is upset with Arlen Specter but not for the reason you might think. He is mad that he won't be able to call Senators from Maine - Snowe & Collins (along with Specter from PA)- "The Three Stooges" anymore!
* Internet fascism in the USA.
* The hypocrisy of Keith Olbermann.
* In defense of Wal-Mart.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Riddance!

* Just Breaking today: the RINO Senator from Pennsylvania Arlen Specter is a RINO no more. He finally came out of the proverbial closet and has announced his decision to caucus with the Democrat Party. This is no great shakes for most of us as I am fairly certain that Specter will continue to conduct himself as he always has... The man is a dyed in the wool liberal and the only thought I have for this is... it's about time. The GOP is fortunate to be rid of the dead weight...and now the GOP must throw it's full support behind Pat Toomey who will likely be Specter opponent in the next election.
* Specter's switch could prove to be a boon for Republicans in more ways than one.
* The RINO's left behind are whining...
* The poop surrounding President Obama's first Hundred Days is that he has been AMAZING! Well...a little bubble burst here...our governments social policies have taken a hard left turn in his first hundred days.
* It's official Barack Obama is a bigot. Touche Greg Gutfeld!
* The Washington Post calls out the President for his war on small business.
* Here is a great visual of what the Obama budget cuts actually look like!

* Just like Megan McCain and Eric Ulrich, the new wave of faux Republicans is what is hurting the party the most. Robert Stacy McCain brilliantly opposes those who hate themselves.
* Secession is in our future. A brilliant article; well reasoned and properly researched. It is a definite must read.
* If CNN wants to turn around their ratings slide maybe they should turn to the Libertarians!* The children of illegal aliens cost Los Angeles county 44$ Million in welfare last month alone.
* Ayn Rand a "prophetess"?
* Americans bought enough guns in three months to outfit the Chinese and Indian armies!
* Funniest thing all day... Barack Obama's teleprompter has his own blog!

Monday, April 27, 2009's police?

* Because it is apparently our job to police the Middle East. The King of Jordan says if the USA does not act quickly there will be war in the Middle East.
* Al Gore lied to Congress. When does he go to jail? If I lied to Congress, you can bet I would be looking at jail time... why does Gore get a pass?
* Proof that the teacher's unions care nothing about your children, and only about themselves.
* Government stimulus is economic folly.
* Straight from the horse's mouth! Democrat Congressman John Dingell of Michigan tells Al Gore that "Nobody in this country realizes that cap-and-trade is a tax -- and it's a great big one!"
* Washington DC wants your driveway!! More on so-called "private property".
* The "answer" to the war on drugs. From

* Roxana Saberi is an American citizen being held by the tyrannical regime in Iran. It is time for our government to grow a pair and learn to protect our citizens. President Obama needs to call for Roxana's release...and if not heeded he needs to take physical action.
Free Roxana! Join the blog rally for freedom!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Racism is a disease!

I have mentioned before the United Nations conference on racism going on in Geneva, and the fact that the UN is a ridiculous and racist institution itself. The UN had decided to allow Iran, Cuba, and other renowned hatemongers the opportunity to speak at the conference...this decision made it easy for the US to decline to attend. Two dozen other countries did attend but decided to walk out as Iranian President Ahmadinejad began speaking. Several of the countries that decided to stay cheered the racist President on...which was not particularly surprising since those UN attendees are also racists.
Here is a video from the conference of Ahmadinejad's entourage harassing Holocaust survivor and Nobel peace prize winner Elie Wiesel outside of the meeting hall. Wiesel was taking part in a demonstration against the racist President's speech.

While I completely agree that racism is an evil cancer in our world...I also believe that it is inherent to our human condition. All over the world people hate other people based solely on the fact that the others are different. I also think that it is counterproductive to allow racists to take part in discussions on racism. Their minds will not be changed by words (because they have already heard and not changed), but allowing them a place to speak gives them a platform to spew their hatred on others. Consider that Iran each year hosts a conference on how the Holocaust actually never happened as proof of the unreasonableness of their cause. The plethora of historical evidence; written, pictorial, physical, and anecdotal has not made a difference to the Iranian government or any other anti-Semites. They have chosen to buy into crackpot theories that the Zionist movement staged the Holocaust instead of simply seeing the truth...that 6 million Jews were murdered, simply for being Jewish.
Iran and other nation's who actively seek the destruction of their fellow humans simply because they are different should not be given a platform to speak. Their ideas have no merit.

* The upside down world of John Maynard Keynes.
* California needs a new state Constitution.
* How the war on drugs is actually a war on freedom.
* Last but not least, an interesting breakdown of the numbers of Iraqi dead through the Iraq war. It seems that President Bush may have actually SAVED hundred of thousands of lives...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Liberalism is a mental disorder

More proof (like you needed it) that Janeane Garofolo is an idiot.

* The CIA stands behind their actions...because of the results. The President's administration agrees that the "enhanced" methods got results.
* The documentary that proves Ayn Rand right...accidentally.
* America is fascist.
* Criminals love gun control.
* Planned Parenthood is breaking the law again....
* Canada calls out U. S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano for being the "dummy" she is.
* The real racists are at the UN's conference on racism. Funny, their newspaper's are racist too.

A political cartoon from 1934, sums up today very nicely too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WooHoo! Budget Cuts! Not!

President Obama is cutting $100 million from the federal budget! Normally I would say "Awesome", but seeing as how this comes on the heels of increasing the federal deficit by a few trillion $, I can only laugh. The massive budget cuts of $100 million, comes out to 0.0029% of the total budget! In fact as Greg Mankiw observes, "that's the equivalent of asking a family that spends $60,000 in a year to save $6."

*** You'll never believe it three more dirty, dirty Democrats!
* Diane Feinstein steers 25$ billion towards hubby!
* Murtha's has some more dirty deeds lined up!
* Jane Harman running scams!

* People who are for gun control are anti-freedom!
* Mitt Romney calls out the President!
* The elusive John McCain will have a primary fight on his hands in Arizona! Go get 'em!

* Ron Paul on secession....oh, and by the way Dr. Paul is usual.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Remember, dissent is good.

Dissent is not unhealthy.
* Racist pig speaks at the UN Racism Conference.
* Janet Napolitano is ridiculous... and no I am not a terrorist, nor will I ever be one.
* I take it back...Janet Napolitano is not ridiculous. Janeane Garofolo is. Unless they can both be?
* The truth about the tea parties.
* CNN covers up for their left wing defender Susan Roesgen.
Here is the video CNN doesn't want you to see...

* Apparently liberals don't have a voice...? Insanity...
* The Democrats can't understand why people are protesting taxes. After all the President just cut taxes for 95% of Americans...errr.... maybe some of the American people are smarter than the President gives them credit for.
* Cristina Gonzalez of the Neal Boortz show on why relations with Cuba are more confused than you realize.
* Antarctic ice is growing!! Let's move the polar bears south! (he said sarcastically)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Media Fatigue Day

The Main Streamers are wearing me out. I have never seen such rancor or bitterness to any other protest. Generally respectable news anchors turned legitimate protests into an opportunity to make lewd sex jokes. Even protests that turn violent get more sympathetic coverage than the Tea Party day yesterday. The media would like to tie the Tea Party movement to the GOP...but as Byron York points out...that just ain't so.
Here is a compilation video of CNN "reporter" Susan 2006 no prob with Bush being called a fascist, in 2009 big prob with Obama as fascist. Interesting...

A couple of quick links for more Roesgen the "Reporter":
*** Gateway Pundit 1.
*** Gateway Pundit 2.
*** Neal Boortz.
*** Big Hollywood.
*** The Other McCain.
*** Newsbusters.
*** Nancy Pelosi attacks the tea party movement.
*** Some hilarity from Fox's 'Red Eye'!

Other media bias issues of the day....
*** From Canada?? Things must be bad when even the Canadians think the media is too liberal.
*** NBC worried that CNBC is too "conservative". Do they worry about MSNBC? How about that ass clown David Shuster?
*** The LA Times lies in a hit piece.

* I am sorry but when did the entire cast of reporters decide that an assault weapons ban was more important than the story about the broad brush the DHS painted conservatives as terrorists with!?!
Diane Sawyer proves the liberal elite media has no concept of mainstream America. As she presses gun control issues over "Right Wing Extremism" with DHS head Janet Napolitano. Memo to Diane... gun rights awareness is at an all time HIGH! America disagrees with you! Maggie Rodriguez at CBS suffers from the EXACT SAME disorder as Diane Sawyer. Matt Lauer and Andrea Mitchell push the same arguments with Napolitano!

* Some photos from our tea party here in Atlanta!
* By the way...the very early estimated tea party attendance numbers...about 250,000! I would call that a success.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Been a while...

...and I'm back! It has been a hectic last month in our household, so the blog had to be put on the blocks for a bit. But we are back in action and ready to rumble...I thought we should start the tax day extravaganza with some Tea Party News!

* Michelle Malkin covers the Tea Party concept from it's inception thru today's culmination. Here are a few tidbits from the childish left.
* Tax facts to make your head EXPLODE!

* Taxation is exploitation.
* Taxation is robbery.
* Why is it that the Main Stream Media cannot see the difference between the right wing and left wing reports? You can find out if the government thinks you might be a terrorist too!
* The top ten most wanted right wing extremists.
* The childish left proves once again just how much they love "free" speech!
* Real Healthcare reform...the evil, corporate, capitalist way.
* Dr. Ron Paul has a brilliant notion when it comes to dealing with pirates! How much better off would we be if the Republicans had nominated Dr. Paul instead of McCrap?
* Gay marriage by fiat... more important than the gay marriage debate is the debate on how to decide it.
* The Left is still lying... this time it is about taxes and tea parties.
* The Onion as "reality" news? It's bad when satire is more honest than actual reporting...
* George W. Obama. More of the same...not so much as an ounce of change.