Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Riddance!

* Just Breaking today: the RINO Senator from Pennsylvania Arlen Specter is a RINO no more. He finally came out of the proverbial closet and has announced his decision to caucus with the Democrat Party. This is no great shakes for most of us as I am fairly certain that Specter will continue to conduct himself as he always has... The man is a dyed in the wool liberal and the only thought I have for this is... it's about time. The GOP is fortunate to be rid of the dead weight...and now the GOP must throw it's full support behind Pat Toomey who will likely be Specter opponent in the next election.
* Specter's switch could prove to be a boon for Republicans in more ways than one.
* The RINO's left behind are whining...
* The poop surrounding President Obama's first Hundred Days is that he has been AMAZING! Well...a little bubble burst here...our governments social policies have taken a hard left turn in his first hundred days.
* It's official Barack Obama is a bigot. Touche Greg Gutfeld!
* The Washington Post calls out the President for his war on small business.
* Here is a great visual of what the Obama budget cuts actually look like!

* Just like Megan McCain and Eric Ulrich, the new wave of faux Republicans is what is hurting the party the most. Robert Stacy McCain brilliantly opposes those who hate themselves.
* Secession is in our future. A brilliant article; well reasoned and properly researched. It is a definite must read.
* If CNN wants to turn around their ratings slide maybe they should turn to the Libertarians!* The children of illegal aliens cost Los Angeles county 44$ Million in welfare last month alone.
* Ayn Rand a "prophetess"?
* Americans bought enough guns in three months to outfit the Chinese and Indian armies!
* Funniest thing all day... Barack Obama's teleprompter has his own blog!

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