Friday, April 24, 2009

Racism is a disease!

I have mentioned before the United Nations conference on racism going on in Geneva, and the fact that the UN is a ridiculous and racist institution itself. The UN had decided to allow Iran, Cuba, and other renowned hatemongers the opportunity to speak at the conference...this decision made it easy for the US to decline to attend. Two dozen other countries did attend but decided to walk out as Iranian President Ahmadinejad began speaking. Several of the countries that decided to stay cheered the racist President on...which was not particularly surprising since those UN attendees are also racists.
Here is a video from the conference of Ahmadinejad's entourage harassing Holocaust survivor and Nobel peace prize winner Elie Wiesel outside of the meeting hall. Wiesel was taking part in a demonstration against the racist President's speech.

While I completely agree that racism is an evil cancer in our world...I also believe that it is inherent to our human condition. All over the world people hate other people based solely on the fact that the others are different. I also think that it is counterproductive to allow racists to take part in discussions on racism. Their minds will not be changed by words (because they have already heard and not changed), but allowing them a place to speak gives them a platform to spew their hatred on others. Consider that Iran each year hosts a conference on how the Holocaust actually never happened as proof of the unreasonableness of their cause. The plethora of historical evidence; written, pictorial, physical, and anecdotal has not made a difference to the Iranian government or any other anti-Semites. They have chosen to buy into crackpot theories that the Zionist movement staged the Holocaust instead of simply seeing the truth...that 6 million Jews were murdered, simply for being Jewish.
Iran and other nation's who actively seek the destruction of their fellow humans simply because they are different should not be given a platform to speak. Their ideas have no merit.

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