Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Liberalism is a mental disorder

More proof (like you needed it) that Janeane Garofolo is an idiot.

* The CIA stands behind their actions...because of the results. The President's administration agrees that the "enhanced" methods got results.
* The documentary that proves Ayn Rand right...accidentally.
* America is fascist.
* Criminals love gun control.
* Planned Parenthood is breaking the law again....
* Canada calls out U. S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano for being the "dummy" she is.
* The real racists are at the UN's conference on racism. Funny, their newspaper's are racist too.

A political cartoon from 1934, sums up today very nicely too.

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Metsfan8 said...

The more barriers we put up to trade, the worse the economy is going to get. It's like these people (Napalitano and whoever gave her her position in office) never went to college. If they did they would have taken a basic level economics course, and would be able to see the consequences of their actions. Why on earth, while we are suffering through one of the worst economic downturns of our time, would you even consider hindering trade with our NUMBER ONE trade partner, claiming it has something to do with National Security? I am truly scared for our future.....