Monday, April 20, 2009

Remember, dissent is good.

Dissent is not unhealthy.
* Racist pig speaks at the UN Racism Conference.
* Janet Napolitano is ridiculous... and no I am not a terrorist, nor will I ever be one.
* I take it back...Janet Napolitano is not ridiculous. Janeane Garofolo is. Unless they can both be?
* The truth about the tea parties.
* CNN covers up for their left wing defender Susan Roesgen.
Here is the video CNN doesn't want you to see...

* Apparently liberals don't have a voice...? Insanity...
* The Democrats can't understand why people are protesting taxes. After all the President just cut taxes for 95% of Americans...errr.... maybe some of the American people are smarter than the President gives them credit for.
* Cristina Gonzalez of the Neal Boortz show on why relations with Cuba are more confused than you realize.
* Antarctic ice is growing!! Let's move the polar bears south! (he said sarcastically)

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