Thursday, April 16, 2009

Media Fatigue Day

The Main Streamers are wearing me out. I have never seen such rancor or bitterness to any other protest. Generally respectable news anchors turned legitimate protests into an opportunity to make lewd sex jokes. Even protests that turn violent get more sympathetic coverage than the Tea Party day yesterday. The media would like to tie the Tea Party movement to the GOP...but as Byron York points out...that just ain't so.
Here is a compilation video of CNN "reporter" Susan 2006 no prob with Bush being called a fascist, in 2009 big prob with Obama as fascist. Interesting...

A couple of quick links for more Roesgen the "Reporter":
*** Gateway Pundit 1.
*** Gateway Pundit 2.
*** Neal Boortz.
*** Big Hollywood.
*** The Other McCain.
*** Newsbusters.
*** Nancy Pelosi attacks the tea party movement.
*** Some hilarity from Fox's 'Red Eye'!

Other media bias issues of the day....
*** From Canada?? Things must be bad when even the Canadians think the media is too liberal.
*** NBC worried that CNBC is too "conservative". Do they worry about MSNBC? How about that ass clown David Shuster?
*** The LA Times lies in a hit piece.

* I am sorry but when did the entire cast of reporters decide that an assault weapons ban was more important than the story about the broad brush the DHS painted conservatives as terrorists with!?!
Diane Sawyer proves the liberal elite media has no concept of mainstream America. As she presses gun control issues over "Right Wing Extremism" with DHS head Janet Napolitano. Memo to Diane... gun rights awareness is at an all time HIGH! America disagrees with you! Maggie Rodriguez at CBS suffers from the EXACT SAME disorder as Diane Sawyer. Matt Lauer and Andrea Mitchell push the same arguments with Napolitano!

* Some photos from our tea party here in Atlanta!
* By the way...the very early estimated tea party attendance numbers...about 250,000! I would call that a success.

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