Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 days down...1360 to go!

I am so tired of the media drumbeat on the death of conservatism. The GOP and the Democrat Party are the same if one is dead so is the other...and honestly they both seem to be a live and well to me. The GOP ran a decrepit, mealy mouthed, double speaking, war hero in the last election and still managed to get 46% of the vote. If they had run a good candidate they might have been able to pull 48-49%. The last few years of downturn in the GOP's standing has been born out of the simple fact that they two parties are too similar. If both parties are for the same goals, obviously voters will choose the party that actually stand by their decisions. The Democrats preach socialist ideology, while the Republicans claim to detest it. But the actions the two parties take is proof that the Democrats like socialism and the Republican Party really doesn't mind it either. The current Republican quandary is not that the party is dead or the American people are more ideologically liberal. The problem is that Republican rhetoric does not match Republican action. Yes, the GOP is at a disadvantage because of the liberal media... but they can overcome that gap by sticking to their guns. Smaller government, more personal freedom, and fiscal responsibility. Wake up, GOP.
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