Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let the Big 3 die...

* The Auto Bailout passes the House...want to know who the liberal, weasel, Republican turncoats are in the House? Here is the list.
* Senator David Vitter (R) of Louisiana thinks the auto-bailout is "ass-backwards"!
What does Dr. Ron Paul think of the bailout...?

* One of the preeminent thinkers of our time, Ted Nugent, chimes in on the auto bailout.
* Obama's stimulus plan won't be stimulating.
* Is China now more capitalist than the USA?
* The UN has proven that Global Warming exists, "beyond the shadow of a doubt". Are you kidding me? (Then these scientists timed their announcement wrong...)
* What happened? The articles proving that Obama met with Blagojevich have disappeared...
* "Eminent Domain" is an offense upon our Constitution and our Rights as Americans!
* Al Franken is still trying to take a Senate seat.
* The legacy of Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
* Che Guevara was a sick, demented, psychopathic murderer...but Hollywood loves him.
* Oliver Stone showing what's wrong with Hollywood.

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