Tuesday, December 09, 2008

RNC should shift towards LIBERTY!

Michael Steele wants the Republican Party to be more inviting to Pro-Abortion Republicans... Yeah, 'cause the whole moving left thing has really worked out, the last two elections.
Will someone please make sure this guy doesn't become the RNC Chair?!?! Let's draft Duncan Hunter for the job...
If you are going to choose issues to try and broaden party appeal, then I suggest going the Libertarian route...ie; CUT SPENDING, cut taxes, fight the bailout in all of it's permutations, adopt the Fair Tax in the party platform, end the war on drugs, advocate for the end of the Patriot Act and begin a broader push for individual civil liberties in America -- stand up for property rights (fight eminent domain), strengthen gun rights, fight arcane anti-smoking laws, -- remove red-tape bueracracy from private charities, read more Thoreau and Friedman, read less Marx and Krugman, and lastly...embrace the Free-Market.
Let's try to be more open to the libertarian leaning parties, like... the Libertarian Party, and the Constitution Party, etc...
By opening ourselves to them we can reach out to many disenchanted independents.
The added benefit? Aligning ourselves more with libertarians means angering Mike Huckabee...which I am OK with.

* Anarchists understand the importance of "A Christmas Carol".

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