Thursday, December 04, 2008


Israel may have to "go it alone" on Iran. Our old friend might be stepping into a hornet's nest by attacking Iran without the support of President-elect Obama. I think that Israel has decided that the pain of war with Iran (and possibly others) is worth fighting them now without nuclear weapons. If Israel chooses to not engage Iran now, they may face annihilation in the very near future, when Iran finally does have nuclear capabilities. Israel seems trapped...the Mediterranean on one side and the world's leading anti-Semites and hatemongers on the other.
* Used to be you could count on Minnesora to run a clean election...ah, the good ol' days.
* The Left has an aversion to truth.
* These guys should be running things.
* GM's plan to turn around its lagging company is all smoke and mirrors...I hope it's clear by now, that the Big 3 want to scare you into submission. Contact your representatives and tell them NOT to bailout the Big 3!
* No, Micheal Moore, Cuba is not a nice place to live.
* Medical Atrocities did not end with the Nazi's, though the amount of involvement from the medical field in the Nazi movement might shed light on prevailing medical ethics issues.
* Had you heard that casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan have fallen to their lowest level since the start of the war? No? I hadn't heard either...the media is doing a great job, huh?
* California's environmental policy will continue to decimate the economy.
* Jobless claims are down, and gun sales are WAY UP.

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