Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oblivious to Reason

The moment we want to believe something, we suddenly see all the arguments for it, and become blind to the arguments against it. - George Bernard Shaw

Short and to the point:

Bush is definitely leaving his stamp on the American political and economic system, albeit with the help of Obama. Federal spending is sky high, and will only keep rising. Where are the "free-market" economists who should, at the very least, feel obligated to stand up against these movements? I mean, these politicians are lawmakers who have no idea how to handle an economy.

This isn't even "progressive" reform. All they're doing is sticking they're finger in the dike. They're just slowing the pace of this crisis; they're not actually fixing anything. Due to their incapacity to realize that more government means more problems, sooner or later we’re going to slam into that big brick wall they’ve been trying to steer us away from.

Higher spending by government = less spending for private sector. The private sector is the largest provider of employment, and is responsible for the biggest portion of economic productivity.
But honestly, who cares? When all reason is thrown out the window all we have left is eachother. So, why not spread the wealth? The purpose of our government is to make sure all of our freedoms are protected, not stifled.

Bernanke is a sell out....


Metsfan8 said...

This was originally posted as a comment under the blog before the mets one.

The Rambler said...

100% right. This was my preliminary argument against the bailou; the guys running things are not economists they are politicians. Some of the pols even admitted to not understanding the language of the bailout bill when they voted for it! These people think that it is up to them to fix everything, when in actuality they are breaking everything. BTW "Progressive Reform" will begin when they start to raise our taxes...
and you are right...
Bernanke is a SELL-OUT...what's can see, just by looking at him, that he knows it.