Monday, September 08, 2008

Abortion matters...there must be change.

Baby at 8 weeks...
I have been considering this for a couple of days, thanks to some conversations my wife and I have been having about the issue of abortion. My wife is amazing, she is extremely intelligent and thoughtful and is a wonderful sounding board for any and every idea that floats through my brain. Recently we have been watching the political news each night and noticing that anyone who is pro-life is some kind of right wing nut job. At least that's what the pro-choice people keep saying. I thought that maybe if I laid out a reason for my decision on the matter it might help to make pro-life advocates seem less right wing, for the liberal media.
I believe that murder is wrong, and should be prevented and once done...should be punished. I believe that life begins at conception, so abortion equals murder. Because I (and other pro-life advocates) believe that a baby is a person at conception how can we be faulted if this is a passionate debate for us? Our belief that a baby is a person makes us see abortion as a HOLOCAUST...and any reasonable person would be expected to step in and try and change things in such a situation.
* Joe Biden admits that the Republicans are right about abortion.
* Obama admitting that he says stupid things, and should probably think before he speaks. If he doesn't have a speech prepared he definitely struggles.
* Nancy Pelosi should be worried...she might just be losing her ticket to the happy hereafter!
* Pro-life Democrats fall silent...
* If I could only choose between the two major party's(thank goodness I can vote 3rd party), the first thing I would look at is how the two candidates differed in their views on the sanctity of life.
* An article about the grotesque nature of NARAL by a pro-choice cartoonist. Make sure you check out the cartoon he posts with his article.

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