Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Important notes...

* A mother fights to rescue her daughter from a global crime ring that kidnaps unfortunate women and forces them into sexual this isn't the plot for a Hollywood movie, it is the true story of one brave mother. Today, there are still over 12 million people around the world living in slavery...we all have a responsibility to step in and fight this evil.
Some links to check out:
* Setting Captives Free
* Set all free
* World Slavery
* The Community Organizer's friends are trying to cheat again! What else can you expect from a politician birthed out of the Daley political machine in Chicago? His friends are okay with cheating other Americans out of their votes because to them, the end justifies the means.
* Here is what that Kindergarten sex education bill, Mr. Obama supports, says.
* John McCain gets the endorsement of a pretty smart businessman, who also thinks Obama's economic plan will cost you a lot of money.
* Can I just say...I love Joe Biden. The dude is hilarious. You have to see what he said...

* As someone who loves history, I really enjoyed this article about the final nail in Julius and Ethel Rosenberg's coffins. Personal opinion, the Rosenberg's got off way too easy.

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