Friday, September 19, 2008

I speak Spanish, but I'm not stupid...

* The death of the free market is being presided over by a Republican President...but Neal Boortz uncovers who started this mess. John McCain was made fun of for saying he "would fire the SEC chairman", by none other than the meandering liberal hatemonger Keith Olbermann...but the joke is actually on Keith.
* The Democrat Party had a chance to do some damage in this election, but it looks like they may just be their own worst enemies.
* From the files of the ridiculous...Obama calls McCain out on abortion! Then he releases an ad that attacks abortion survivors.
* Mr. Obama must think that because he plays an ad in Spanish, we Latinos will believe whatever it says. The fact that I speak Spanish does not mean I am stupid.
* Charlie Rangel should have listened to me when I told him to step down. He has gotten himself in more trouble recently.
* Check out Dick Morris' most recent election's a doozey.

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