Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 We still remember...

While others may forget we still remember.
I would like to take a moment to thank all of our soldiers who are fighting for us in those dark places on the other side of the world. Our faith and prayers are with you, and you are truly heroes. For generations the best that America has had, have fought to keep us safe from those who would harm us. During the War for Independence farmers, journalists, lawyers, teachers all stood to fight for our noble cause. In the War of 1812, they fought again to free us from British despotism. During the War between the States brave men on both sides of the fight died for what they thought were nobler and higher purposes. In the Spanish-American War many brave men fought faithfully for our nation. In WWI our "doughboys" left their homes to defend the well being of our allies across the Atlantic. This would mark the first time our soldiers left our soil to fight to save and spread democracy. In WWII our "Greatest Generation" picked up arms again this time to defend us and the world from the tyranny of fascism in Germany, Italy, and Japan. In Korea and then Vietnam our men and women would again and again prove their mettle, even though many would return to perfidious crowds of hate mongers who jeered these soldiers for doing their duty. (Yes I am talking about hippies and war protesters of Vietnam...not that they shouldn't protest but that they treated our soldiers ignominiously.) Then in action around the globe over the next four decades our soldiers would prove again and again that our people and our culture are worth fighting for.
* Memorial in New York.

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