Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Despot in NYC

* I LOVE this story. This is MY Republican Party. The bailout is a mistake and the Republican Party needs to stop it...even if the President suggested it and most of the Democrats love it. Forget Party politics, go into that room and stand up for the beliefs of the people who elected you. This is why our government has worked so well these last 230 years...politicians standing up for the beliefs of their constituents. The Republican Party is dying, it is gasping for breath and we need men like Jim DeMint of South Carolina to stand in the gap for us. This administration has gotten so many things wrong since the War in Iraq started, and it's time that Republicans stop bickering and start acting.
* It seems like Barack Obama and Joe Biden cannot get on the same page. They keep arguing policy with each other...maybe, they think they are still running in the primary. I have been posting Biden's recent flubs, but wanted to post a link to this concise list of missteps the two, I mean candidates have made over the last couple of days.
* Risk is inherent to freedom. Whether on Wall St. or Main St., a free society carries with it certain risks. If we wanted complete protection from terrorists we would live in a police state, if we want complete protection from the collapse of a certain part of the we are talking about socialism. I don't want or need either.
"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Ben Franklin
"The government is best which governs least." -- Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Paine
Stop the Bailout, call your Congressman.
* I love our country, it is amazing to me that a man like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who will not allow free speech in his country has the audacity to come to ours and talk about us being "repressive". "American empire in the world is reaching the end of its road, and its next rulers must limit their interference to their own borders," Ahmadinejad said. This guy is an "arse"clown, whose own country hates him.
--- Update: Idiot American groups hold dinner "honoring" Ahmadinejad. This makes me want to curse.
* Two great websites to check out: Yid with a Lid and then the Religion of Peace.
* Democrats will not fight to revive the offshore drilling ban, they are conceding that the Republicans were right about drilling. It's about time.
* From the files of the insane and inane: PETA wants Ben and Jerry's to use human milk to make their ice cream!
* The New York Mets are 1 and 1/2 games behind the Philadelphia Phillies for first in the eastern division of the National League with 6 to go...and 1 game up on the Milwaukee Brewers for the Wildcard spot. Here's hoping we don't choke...again!
Johan Santana of the Mets from

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