Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No, I am not a racist.

Jack Cafferty has a quick note on, the premise...? The only reason Barack Obama is not winning is because he is black. I cannot formulate into words the anger, disgust, and pain that I am currently feeling because of this article and the comments by readers that follow it. I am a first generation American of Latin descent who is not supporting either of the major candidates, but the one I oppose the most is Barack Obama...and the amount of melanin in his skin has nothing to do with it. Over the last year or so I have tried to articulate reason after reason for voting against Barack Obama, and yet empty-suits like Jack Cafferty think it all has to do with race. It can't be tax policy, or spending policies, or welfare, or abortion, or national security, or crime, or healthcare, or immigration reform, or energy, or states rights issues, or the Supreme Court, or corruption, or Social Security, or socialism, or globalism, or candidate preparation and experience. No, no, must be because he is a black man. Or half-black man. By the way, you do understand the underlying assumption, right? If Democrats are voting for Obama and Republicans are voting for McCain...and Obama is not winning because of his race...ergo Republicans are RACIST. The worst part is that there are others out there who actually agree with him...Jack Cafferty you and your ilk are despicable.


John said...

Ok so having said all of this, I don't understand how you are not going to vote for McCain. You spend the majority of this space detailing what is wrong with Obama and why it is dangerous if he gets elected...and then you're going to vote third party? Voting for a third party is an ideological stance taken by those who want their voice heard...this is the very definition of a democratic election. However, the real decision when deciding whether to vote 3rd party or not is this: Do you value potential long-term ideological impact on political parties over guaranteed involvement in the short-term election that affects the next 4 fours? No one can answer that question but when you hear people voting for any third party, from Barr to Hunter to Paul to the Nazi party's candidate, that's the question that they are answering one way or another, whether they realize it or not.

The Rambler said...

Living in a solid red state like Georgia makes my decision much easier for me. I risk nothing with my vote...if I lived in Florida or Ohio...I might think twice. But I would like to think that I would be willing to sacrifice the next 4 years to Obama...IF it brought about change in the Republican Party. And if it doesn't? Well, thats a risk I am willing to take.