Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Born Alive

* There is a new 527 PAC called Born Alive Truth who is rolling out a series of advertisements attacking Barack Obama for his refusal to support legislation to protect children who survive abortion attempts.

What the Obama campaign attempts to obfuscate is that in Illinois there may have been a state law in place that in theory should have protected babies who survived abortions...but it was not enforced.

Which is why Jill Stanek was forced to hold a dying baby in here arms while other nurses would have dropped him off in a broom closet. Obama's campaign fails to mention that the Illinois law had loop holes that were routinely used by abortion clinics and hospitals. His campaign also refuses to address how Obama would vote against a law that is exactly like a federal law now in place. Barack Obama is a smooth talking con artist playing a shell game with the truth, and killing people along the way.

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