Monday, September 15, 2008


* This video is a must watch for anyone still on the fence about Barack Obama.

* I read a great article today from the Wall Street Journal, that explains why raising taxes does not work. In fact, it doesn't just explain proves that the way to grow and economy is to cut taxes. I sincerely hope our Presidential candidates read this article. Great analysis from the Boston Globe about Barack Obama's tax plan and how it just doesn't make sense.
* More on Obama's "Community Organizer" friends. This is a rough group of folks who need to be carefully watched. Erick Erickson giving fuller detail to the dangers inherent in the belief system of this group of community organizers.
* Election Map analysis from Newsweek.
* Charlie Gibson shows his true colors.
* I DON'T BELIEVE IN MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING! that I have gotten that out, read this interview with Vaclav Klaus the President of the Czech Republic. He says it much more eloquently than me.
* The always relevant and always eloquent...Pat Sajak! Chronicling the left's fascination with calling those on the right stupid.
* The Muslim community needs to fight back and destroy this evil. (A must read)

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