Monday, September 22, 2008

* Breaking Story...Obama Campaign Hypocrisy

This is a HUGE story. Normally, I wouldn't really care about a story like this but with all the posturing the Obama campaign has done about stupid arguments (like "lipstick on a pig"), he opened himself up to scrutiny. Mr. Obama and his cronies have been up and down the main stream media attacking McCain's campaign for "not focusing on issues" and "faking indignation" about benign comments. "Investigative Bloggers" may have just uncovered proof that the Obama campaign IS behind the Palin smear campaign. Read through the entire post on Michelle Malkin's website and be sure to read all of the links as well. These bloggers are doing the work that "investigative journalists" are supposed to be doing...they are proof that the MSM has gotten fat, lazy, and biased...and we (the general public) are to blame. We should be holding the main stream media to a higher standard.

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