Monday, September 08, 2008

Conservative Canada?
An interesting turn of events in Canadian politics, happened over the weekend. The Canadian Prime Minister dissolved the Parliament in hopes of getting a more favorable Parliament elected. The Prime Minister rules with a minority of his people in power making it very hard to accomplish the things he wants to accomplish. (Currently in the US we have a similar situation...a Republican President cannot accomplish his goals because the Democrats are the majority in the Legislature.) The surprising thing is this; liberals in Canada say this is the most Conservative government in Canadian history and there is a good chance that with a new election called for on October 14th, it will become even more conservative. The only reason Prime Minister Harper would dissolve Parliament and call for a new election is because he believes his party will win more seats.
If this happens it is part of a growing worldwide trend that is bucking the European liberalism of the last 30-40 years. In Germany the conservative Christian Democratic Union is in power, in England the Conservative Party under the leadership of David Cameron is getting stronger and may unseat the Labour Party in the next election. In France there is pro-US Nicholas Sarkozy who is leader of the conservative Union for Popular Movement party and President of France. In 2005 AnĂ­bal Cavaco Silva was elected President of Portugal from the center-right party of the Social Democrats of Portugal (the first conservative elected for the job since 1975).
I am the last person to say we should follow anything the folks in Europe(and Canada) are doing, but it is an interesting trend, and worth noticing. I am not sure if it is backlash to the growing threat of Islamofascism in Europe (where the Muslims community is growing exponentially), or if it is because the people of Europe are starting to notice that the liberal policies of their governments for the last 20 years have not been working. The Health care systems of England and Canada are broken, the economies of Europe are collapsing (though conservative governments are making progress already), and socialism throughout Europe is causing problems for the entire world. This is why so many of the nations of Europe were so quick to accept the European Union...they needed help with their economies. Whatever the reason, I welcome the HOPE FOR CHANGE to a more conservative, logical, and thoughtful Europe.
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* Boycott MTV and anything else that Russell Brand does. MTV's Video Music Awards, turned into a stump speech for Obama by a foul mouthed Brit who called our President a "retard". Amazing that the politically correct lunatic left hasn't jumped on this guy about using a derogatory term for the mentally handicapped. Oh wait, it's not amazing because he was making fun of President everything is OK.

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