Friday, September 12, 2008

A Conservative's Fear.

I have been thinking a lot lately about why it seems that on TV people who are liberal are angry but people who are conservative seem afraid. Maybe I am over simplifying, but I can honestly say I am scared that Barrack Obama will win the election in November. (I can't say that I will be happy if John McCain wins, but less frightened) I think it has something to do with some important issues we face in this election. Now remember that these issues really matter most if the Democrats keep control of Congress (which seems likely).
Abortion - If John McCain wins, status quo. If Barrack Obama wins, a reversal of the partial birth abortion ban...but even more...more federal funds for abortion both at home and overseas, a very liberal sex education program in our public schools (starting at kindergarten), federal law striking down parental notification...? As one of the most liberal pro-abortion Senators in the Senate Obama could try to loosen restrictions on abortion in every way possible.
Healthcare - John McCain wins, status quo plus maybe some fighting to lower Healthcare costs by asking insurance companies to help out. Barrack Obama? Socialist Healthcare. An increase in taxes to pay this off, and eventually we have the issues that plague Canada and Great Britain. Where doctors are scarce and getting good preventative medication almost nonexistent. After that, a realization that we cannot possibly pay for everyone to be treated meaning that we can only treat those with the best chance of recovering. So legalized euthanasia and more abortions on demand...especially if the child is at risk for any list of disabilities. Nazi Germany anyone?
Social Security - John Mccain wins, status quo plus maybe a little more privatization of funds. Barrack Obama wins, he realizes that Social Security is not currently solvent. How does he meet this challenge? He must raise taxes.
Education - John McCain, status quo. Barrack Obama, more money for education. I am not a broken record but where does the money come from? More taxes.
1st Amendment Rights - John McCain, status quo. Barrack Obama? Barrack and his friends reenact the Fairness Doctrine mandating more liberal radio talk shows and/or less conservative ones. Obama and co. continue to marginalize the Christian community and continue their support for groups like the ACLU, NOW, and NARAL.
2nd Amendment Rights - John McCain wins, status quo. Obama wins, can you say "repeal"?
Illegal Immigration - Well they are both pretty bad but if McCain wins...status quo. Obama wins, and we WILL have amnesty and our borders will open to Mexico. You can be assured that NAFTA will broaden to allow for more favorable treatment of illegal aliens than is currently afforded to them.
And there is so much more. The point here is that if John McCain wins the liberal wing of American politics loses nothing. They will still have a Democrat controlled Congress to advance their agenda, and they can continue to halt the Republican the current "do-nothing" Congress has. If Obama wins, truly terrifying (in the eyes of Conservatives)things happen.
* Speaking of the "do-nothing" Congress why has the media not reported that since they have taken charge of policy the country has seen this current downturn? The average American does not realize how little power the President has in day to day affairs. Your pocketbook issues are controlled by the Congress and it's time for the Republican Party to educate the public on that. The reason Congress has done nothing over the last 2 years is because they have been too busy fighting the Republicans to worry about the USA. In fact the most popular thing the Democrats have done is get behind the Republican idea of drilling more on US soil...and I bet somehow the Democrat Party will get credit for this.
* Democrats fear they may have chosen the wrong guy to lead.
* Other Democrats fear that Obama may hurt their chances for reelection.
* The seem right to be worried, according to this latest Gallup poll.
* Joe Biden admitting there are better people for his job. Boy does Senator Biden talk too much! He seems like a nice guy but he just keeps saying the wrong things!
* Here's a poll that made me quite upset.

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Robert said...

Couldn't agree more. I never thought I be cheering for the status quo.