Monday, September 15, 2008

Barack Obama the, Community Organizer.

* Melanie Phillips at the Spectator UK is another brilliant Brit, in this article she describes why Obama's work as a Community Organizer is extremely important...but not for the reasons you think. Michelle Malkin echoes the reasons why Mr. Obama's experience as a Community Organizer is a HUGE negative, not the positive that his campaign is spinning it as.
* Why Sarah Palin is important. The author of this column (Melanie Phillips) also mentions that the choice of Obama and Palin shows that the culture war is still alive and well in the USA. She is right.
* Very interesting article...apparently Mr. Obama tried to talk the Iraqi government OUT of making a withdrawal agreement with Bush administration. This article alone should sink Obama's hopes for being President...but people will make excuses for him.
* This article echoes my sentiments about the difference between McCain and Obama. I have been saying for quite a while that McCain is the more moderate of the two, and has a much better record of bipartisanship than the Chosen One.
* Charlie Rangel has run into more tax problems. Rangel apparently forgot about ANOTHER beach house, and some income that he forgot to report. Just last week it was reported that Rangel had decided not to step down, but now after these newest allegations...he should definitely reconsider, and recognize that it is in our country;s best interests that he not head the House Ways and Means Committee.
* The majority of the Bolivian people do not want to be forced into communism. Communism can only work when the government uses violence to force it upon the people. Some people in Bolivia are terrified of what may be ahead if Evo Morales is allowed to complete all of his plans. Make no mistake Morales (and his evil brother Chavez) are intent on harming the USA and it's interests.

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