Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whose fault is the Financial Crisis?

The Bailout was a bad idea from the start and I am grateful for the faithful few who stood against it...even Dennis Kucinich! Though I am sure that Mr. Kucinich's reasons for being against the bailout were different than mine...I am glad he voted no. I just cannot understand how the Democrat Party comes out clean on this bailout scheme. Barney Frank, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi were the ones telling us in 2005 that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were fine...and now they get to come off like rescuers swooping in to save the economy? The American public cannot be this ignorant...can it? Listen up people! The financial mess we are dealing with right now, is the fault of liberal Washington politicians playing too big of a role in the housing market. This is what happens when you force the market to comply with your values (IE: everyone should own a home), while it would be nice if everyone could afford to own their own home...they can't! Call your Representatives and tell them to stop screwing with the market! If you didn't get a chance make sure to watch the video I posted on here from YouTube yesterday.
* Did you know that this bailout is actually one of the key principles in the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx?
* The Wall Street Journal seems to generally support the bailout. The London Times supported the Bailout a little more emphatically.
* Here is what happens when a financial expert talks about the economy, and here is what happens when an idiot with a pen throws in their two cents.
* The true story of how Barack Obama and his people have played a role in our current economic troubles. More support for the idea that Obama would be devastating for our economy.

* I have been talking about it for the last week or so but here are some more bullets to put in the Democrat Party over "regulation" of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac...they can blame President Bush all they want but fact are facts. The Democrat Party has been in bed with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac long before this "crisis" started to unfold. Watch through to the end as a stunning "guest" backs up the Republican Party.

* Michelle Malkin puts things in perspective.
* From Neal Boortz...
"Is the financial crisis real? Let's consider the fact that yesterday's Dow dropped 778 points. OMG, that sounds just terrible, doesn't it? But wait! When it comes to a percentage drop in the Dow yesterday isn't even in the top ten!"
* Top ten most liberal Republicans in the Senate...and can you believe #1 is the lady Democrats thought McCain should have picked for VP!
* Great read from my favorite Independent...Mr. Pat Buchanan.
* Liberty University could decide who our next President will be! My big question after reading this article about my alma mater...should the preferred candidate at Liberty University be John McCain? I can decisively say it should not be Obama...but should it be McCain?

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