Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Liberal Feminists attacking Feminism?

So, last night the news was full of two things (and no, I am not leading into a joke about how all Main Stream Media is biased and is full of poo)...they were reporting on Hurricane Gustav and Sarah Palin's daughter being pregnant.
First let me quickly address the people of Louisiana... People of Louisiana, please notice how smoothly things go and how well they are handled when a Republican is Governor. The hidden secret of the Katrina story is that while Bush was blamed, the President has never ever been the go to guy for any of the natural tragedies in our history. The Presidents office comes afterwards to offer federal funding and help...but the managers of that Federal aid are supposed to be on location. The Governor (then Kathleen Blanco) and the mayor of New Orleans (still Ray Nagin) botched the effort from beginning to end. Now, FEMA and the federal government do have blame in the aftermath...but some more serious thought into the pre-disaster plan would have made FEMA and the post-Katrina plan much easier to handle.
Now onto Governor Palin's "problems"...
First, her daughters pregnancy means nothing to me. Why should it? A parent can teach a child about abstinence and the problems that may arise from not practicing abstinence, but it is the child's responsibility to follow through with those lessons. The real story here is that her daughter is having the child and will raise it in (hopefully) a loving home. I did notice that the liberal blogoshpere decided to run with made up stories about the Governor's last child actually being the child of her daughter...
So now, that the pregnancy of her daughter is a "non-issue" how about the question of her being a "good mother"? Again all the proof you need that liberals are sick, rude, and hypocritical is on the web. Do a simple search with that phrase and you will find hundreds of very anti-feminist views from supposed "liberals". Here is a recent post from Michelle Malkin that is as clear and articulate as it gets.
For me the most important Sarah Palin question is whether she used her power as Governor unethically in the firing of the state public safety commissioner. If she did she loses all credibility as a reformer...but I will give her the benefit of the doubt until an investigation proves her guilty. If she passes this test, I think Sarah Palin will make a brilliant Vice President, and in the event John McCain passed away in office...I think she could be an excellent President.
* First the Obama campaign attacks Palin then Obama backs off and says "campaigns have a hair-trigger? Now the left-wing blogosphere is attacking Palin personally, but Obama says that her family is off limits... this is a win-win for Obama. His attack dogs tear her down, and he stands by and says "its a shame".
* It's odd how people who protest the RNC turn into rioters. Whats really odd is that I am pretty sure I saw all these people who are protesting the RNC last week at the DNC, only then they were cheering for Obama.
* Talk about sweet irony! Venezuela's capital suffering from blackouts and brownouts! More proof that capitalism works better than socialism every day of the week. Do you think a privately owned power company would let blackouts like this happen? Of course not! If they did the people would clamor for a competitor to begin providing the power to the city! Capitalism is always cheaper, and more efficient than state-run anything!
* Here is an interview Sarah Palin did with Glen Beck. Hopefully, this can give you some more insight into who Sarah Palin is...

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