Thursday, September 03, 2009

Irony in Government run "Health Care"?

There is a touch of irony in any statement endorsing government run healthcare. While the person endorsing may not necessarily agree, let us consider one other government run institution.
The US Postal Service: Hemorrhaging money because they cannot be competitive with private postal services like UPS and FedEx. Meanwhile, UPS and FedEx maintain lower rates, faster schedules, and better customer service and somehow they make money hand over fist! The President actually used the USPS as an example a few weeks ago when trying to prove that private insurers could make it if there was a public option. He alluded to all the problems the USPS is having staying in business... as proof the government system could work. The irony was lost on the President but not on me. If the government can't even run a profitable monopoly like the USPS how could it possibly provide proper health care (especially with private competition)?!
I'm sure that you can think of other examples, but the USPS is probably the most egregious. Others that popped into my head; the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), any city license office, the passport service at the Department of State, and lastly any office at any public building you get my point?

If the mainstream media needed some proof that fear-mongering Republicans aren't so far off the mark, the British NHS provides the example. Read this latest report on the British health care system from the London Telegraph. It is a terrifying indictment of what MUST happen in any nationalized health care program... at some point care MUST be rationed. Whose care is rationed, you ask? The old, the terminal, and the poor are the folks who suffer the most under any national healthcare program. The easiest people to cut out of the system are the terminal, who are "dying anyway". The old come quickly behind them as care must be measured against value returned... and old people just don't have that much to offer society once they reach a certain age. Lastly, the poor. The system is generally seen as a way to provide health care to the poorest in society - definitely a noble cause - however, what invariably happens is that choices must be made. When care cannot be given by the socialist system, the rich can move outside of the system and pay out of pocket for their care... while the poor cannot.
Allow this noble cause of health care for the poor to be provided by the private sector. Ease restrictions so that some enterprising fellow can invent a system that provides quality health care at affordable prices while making himself some money. Oh, wait! Someone has you say?? How about this post on the rise of retail health clinic's as part of a new vision for health care reform.
No, retail clinic's are not the whole answer, but they are a part, and they show the ingenuity of the capitalist system. Capitalism is not an all devouring monster lying in wait to destroy the unwitting consumer. Capitalism is a force for good. The entrepreneur and businessman know that by providing a quality product at an inexpensive price they can assure their continued existence in a comfortable manner. Capitalism allows greed to overflow from the owner's cup and splash on the hoi polloi providing more wealth for more people on all levels. Capitalism is not the green bodied, one eyed monster of liberals nightmare's... but capitalism is the beautiful siren upon which the American dream can be built.
* Health Care reform supporter bites off finger of senior citizen. This could be a good track for the Democrat Party to try... Senior citizens don't get health care because we need them to die so we can feed our supporters! That'll fly...
* The politicians in Washington wouldn't know economics if it hit them in the face and called them Susie.
* More police "Rambo" violence in my fair state of Georgia. More questions than answers after this latest "botched" police investigation.

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