Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sell Public Property!

* California should have done this a long time ago. Which leads me to say this; more state governments should consider selling public property to raise money. Airports, highways, and yes, even prisons.... private companies can run these better, cheaper, and more efficiently. The cherry on top? It would save the public billions of dollars in taxes.
* The fine print of the stimulus spending for states? Don't cut spending or we won't help...instead, raise taxes!
* President Obama is being hypocritical...again.
* Why do liberals hate women?
* Hypocrisy of hate speech.
* British Christians who oppose gay adoption are now officially "retarded homophobes".
* Read this quick review of a new site that focuses on liberty. Here it is; Let a thousand nations bloom.
* Sub-Saharan Africa's problem? Bad government.
* Torture.
Al Gore's Green 1984.

* The Barack Obama celebrity roast.

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