Monday, June 01, 2009

Mass Murderer Murdered

Abortion 'doctor" George Tiller was assassinated while acting as an usher at his church on Sunday.
I have seen much anger and reticence around the web over the murder of this man, and as a life affirming human, I understand this. The murder of any human is something to be mourned as it is a continuing sign of our fallen, evil nature. My pain, however, ends there. What I have been lamenting here at this blog for years, is that the pro-abortion side of the life debate does not understand... to an anti-abortion, pro-life person... abortion is murder. George Tiller in my eyes and the eyes of millions of my fellow pro-lifers is akin to Dr. Josef Mengele.
I am not trying to minimize the criminality of his murder. The man who killed him deserves to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but Dr. Tiller deserved to be prosecuted as well. No one tries to defend the Nazi "doctor's" who executed their superiors commands just because they were within the law... in fact we demand justice against the unjust law of the corrupt government.
So I ask my pro-choice friends to understand when it seems that the pro-life movement has suddenly become cold-hearted. While evil cannot be cured by evil... to us one monster has been stopped by another.
All murder must be stopped... not just murder against adults... all murder.
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* Torn on this. North Korea launched another missile, and war is looking more and more inevitable. My brain says pull our troops out now, and maybe conflict will be averted. If it isn't... well, that's between North and South Korea. My heart says threaten North Korea with nukes now, and maybe China will step in (finally) and conflict will be averted. Which one is right? I think I have to go with my brain on this.
* Russian newspaper PRAVDA proclaims, "American descent into Marxism happening with breathtaking speed..." Neal Boortz agrees with their assessment.
* The Obama's step out for the night on our dime. The UK's Daily Mail reports that the little date night out cost us about $70,000!
* The White House has moved to restrict criticism of the stimulus. No kidding, folks. This is an attack on your 1st Amendment rights.
* Class warfare.
* The folks at National Review Online debating "to bork or not to bork"? Here, here, and here.
* Bob Woodward has the president worried again...only this time the President's name is not Richard Milhous Nixon.
* If you ever want to travel again... you are going to need a passport.
* Mike Judge bashing the politically correct one more time...

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