Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Young Con Anthem

The Young Conservatives Anthem... kind of a viral hit, see for yourself.

* Perhaps the Democrats will learn this one thing from the Sotomayor hearings... it's not fair to call people racist just because they disagree with you.
* Vast majority of Americans are against closing Gitmo. It appears that Emperor Cheney has defeated his apprentice Darth Obama on this issue.
* The Washington Post reports on a Pew research poll that shows that no President has received the kind of media support that President Obama has enjoyed these last few months.
* Sad but telling. The murder of death-dealer George Tiller has garnered 14x the attention in the media that the murder of US soldier William Long has. 7,000 articles for Tiller just 500 for Long...
* President Obama believes Iran's nuclear power ambitions are "legitimate".
* Defending Milton Friedman. His ideas are relentlessly attacked but his logic never falters...
* Michael Ramirez from IBD Editorials:

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