Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Unions = Destruction?

* More proof the Unions screwed us, again. The Unions are now doing more damage to the average American than the robber barons ever did. At least with the greedy businessmen in charge there was money to be made... now? With the Unions and their political hacks at the wheel, American industry and ingenuity is starving. Where once a man could make some money with a good idea and hard work... today he has to worry about how will pay of the Union bosses so he can stay in business. In markets where profit margins can be razor thin, these Union hustlers are often the difference between a profitable venture and closing up shop. Wake up America, before you find yourself out on the street praying for some work.
Great video with a rare moment of clarity from MSNBC.

* Our government is now pressing to nationalize parts of the tobacco industry! Apparently in the last election a majority of Americans decided that Hugo Chavez was moving in the right direction, and we should try some of his wealth destroying methods of governance. We look like Cuba lite. Our Soviet Russia redux. If I wasn't for more liberty for the American electorate... I might seriously consider supporting restrictions on voting to people who aren't complete morons who vote for the guy who talks good. (You know who you are...)
* Paul Krugman and nostalgianomics.
* Michael Moore is a fascist.
* The decimation of one of the world's best healthcare systems, in favor of some of the world's worst. The Democrats are planning to use their big majority to ram through this legislation. Nationalized healthcare is another "You get what you vote for", disciplining for the American people. Hopefully some Americans will learn the lessons of electing so many liberal politicians at one time... but somehow, I doubt they will.
* The Pro-Life movement is not to blame for the death of George Tiller. Bill O'Reilly shouldn't get blamed either. Conservative Christians had nothing to do with his murder either.
* The WHO is still trying to scare us with the swine flu stuff. The more fear we have the more power WHO has.
* Justice Clarence Thomas is one of the "good guys".

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* Great article about the current landscape in British politics. It seems as though we may get the most center-right party in years leading Britain by the next election! Will wonders never cease.
* Police state torture tactics...used on a 72 your old grandmother. I am sure she posed a great risk to the arresting officers. (That was my attempt at sarcasm)
* Has the war on terror helped destroy our freedoms? The answer is a resounding yes... and the conservatives who supported it should be ashamed.

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Metsfan8 said...

Any introductory Labor Economics course will pour light onto the problem concerning Unions. Decades ago when Business would squeeze everything they could out of their employees, there was a need for Unions to protect the right of the employees. Nowadays, there is no need. They interrupt production with labor negotiations; they increase the cost of production by setting a specific wage that must be paid, even if it's above the market level; they put quotas on hiring/firing decisions that ultimately affect whether the business will get the "right" guy for the job. And one of the worst tools they have to fight Business is by putting limits on how much can be produced. The ultimate goal of any economy is greater consumption by its people. Consumers need to be aware of how Unions affect them, because I guarantee if they knew, Unions would not exist anymore.

Market Socialism = Socialism.
Damn, that Karl Marx sure knew what he was talking about, huh?