Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Big Bad Oil Companies...and more...

Congress is giving the oil companies a hard time again. I don't think our Democratic officials have ever read Adam Smith, which is odd, I thought he was mandatory reading in most college economics courses. The "Invisible Hand" tells us that if we leave business alone, it will work positively for us, (the little people) not for any altruistic reason but simply because it is in their best interests.
Look, I am not defending the oil companies...they see times are tough they should choose to roll back prices a little and help out the little guys. I just get bothered by the idea that they HAVE to lower prices. Don't businesses open to make money? They are just doing what they are in the business to do, and I cannot hold that against them.
The annual "Pig Book" is out and wouldn't you know it the Democrats are the bigger pork barrelers by over 1 billion dollars! The Republicans are not much better getting 4.4 billion dollars to the Dems 5.5 billion. The Democrats have been saying that the Republicans are no longer the party of limited spending (and they are right), but the Democrats are not the party of fiscal responsibility either.
While I am not a fan of John McCain, but he has done what he said he would and has not requested earmarks. We have to decide that we are not going to reward our legislators for trying to bribe us with this "pork" spending. As mad as we get about this ridiculous spending, it's our own faults, we reward our politicians for bringing home money for frivolous things (like peanut festivals) even though the spending hurts our country.
* Here is a good article from a great political mind, from my home state.
* Here is some more proof that the Democrats do not care about "crossing the aisle" and would prefer to screw with the American people to mess with the Republicans.
* I mentioned John McCain positively before but now I need to jump on him for some stupid ideas. The other day he mentioned that he was different than Bush because he would choose to face and deal with the "problem" of global warming. He is against drilling ANWAR and believes that global warming will kill us all.
He and Mr. Lieberman ignore the fact that there is no consensus within the scientific community over global warming. There is consensus among politicians, actors, and liberal crazies but I will wait for something definitive from weather forecasters and climatologists.
* And lastly today...Bill Clinton is one crazy dude.

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Corban said...

Here is another article attacking the vailidity of global warming. There is NO consensus.