Friday, May 02, 2008

More on the Economic Front

More evidence that things are not as bad as the Media and the Democrat Party would like you to think. CNN reporting today that our Unemployment rate currently sits at 5.1%. While that is up (or down, depending on your p.o.v.) it is not as big a rise in unemployment as what had been forecast by the doomsayers. Just to make some comparisons here are the unemployment rates for some of our other "friends".
USA - 5.1%
Australia - 4.4%
United Kingdom - 5.4%
Canada - 5.9%
Italy - 6.7%
Israel - 7.6%
France - 8%
Germany - 10.8%
The European Union - 8.5% (2006)

* Here are some more signs that the
economy is not dead yet.
* You have to read this article and realize that we as Americans have got to stop whining about gas prices. Our gas has almost always been generally pretty cheap (as anyone who has ever travelled to Europe can attest to), there had to be a hiccup sometime.

Most expensive places to buy gas
Rank Country Price/gal

1. Sierra Leone $18.42
2. Aruba $12.03
3. Bosnia-Herzegovina $10.86
4. Eritrea $9.58
5. Norway $8.73
6. United Kingdom $8.38
7. Netherlands $8.37
8. Monaco $8.31
9. Iceland $8.28
10. Belgium $8.22
111. United States $3.45
Where gasoline is cheapest
Rank Country Price/gal

1. Venezuela 12 cents
2. Iran 40 cents
3. Saudi Arabia 45 cents
4. Libya 50 cents
5. Swaziland 54 cents
6. Qatar 73 cents
7. Bahrain 81 cents
8. Egypt 89 cents
9. Kuwait 90 cents
10. Seychelles 98 cents
45. United States $3.45
155 countries surveyed between March 17 and April 1, 2008. Prices not adjusted for cost of living or exchange rates.
Don't forget that these prices are even with the USA being one of the wealthiest countries in the world. A country where most of us can afford the higher price of gas, as opposed let's say to the people of Bosnia or Libya.
* Outstanding article from Micheal Reagan about who is really responsible for the "high" gas prices.
* I know I posted this article last time, but it really fits here. This was the chairman of Shell giving an interview this past week.
* Argentina's economy looks like it might be in some trouble...again.
* I have decided that Pat Buchanan is officially a pessimist...but the fact is I think he is right.
* Here is a great article from the about the inherent racism in Jeremiah Wright's message. He says we all took his comments out of context, and then chose to back those comments up with words that reinforced what we already thought of him. Racism is possible no matter what color your skin is, and Reverend Wright ... racism no matter what the context, is SIN. It attacks the very core of who God is, and why He sent His Son to die for may or may not be a Christian but when you get to glory, as Ricky Ricardo said "You got lots of 'splaining to do".
Racist Hatemonger


John said...

You are right, the economy isn't collapsing...BUT I can personally attest that large segments of it are badly struggling, ie real estate. I just got off the phone with a construction company that is going under because they simply don't have enough jobs to support their existence.

The Rambler said...

As I say the economy is not doing great but it's fine. The sky is not falling and we will live to spend more money another day.