Friday, May 23, 2008

Gay marriage is gay!

From Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonist Index
I have to admit, the gay marriage debate is not one that gets me riled up. I don't like it, but I don't get worked up over it. What I do get worked up over is when our courts overstep their boundaries and mess with the will of the people. This isn't the first time that this has happened, in other states the courts have ruled similarly...but in California the court consistently and blatantly bends the law to local morays. In Nebraska, Tennessee, Georgia, New York and even Massachusetts the courts have ruled that the will of the people is preeminent in this argument.
Generally the argument gets painted as a civil rights issue but it is not a civil rights issue, don't be fooled. Homosexuals in America have the same rights as heterosexuals...marriage is not a right but a privilege. Today in America homosexuals are able to have almost all benefits heterosexual couples enjoy in most places...the marriage ceremony is an ancient (and religious) ceremony and should be handled as such.
Pat Buchanan waxes eloquent on the subject in this article for Human Events.
* Indiana Jones opened Thursday to solid numbers, but in Russia the communist party members are seeing red. Apparently they are upset because the movie casts the Soviet Union in a poor light. This article made me laugh because it seems that some Russians think communism was good for Russia.
* If Al Franken wins his election in Minnesota it will mean that a former columnist for Playboy who just happens to be a tax evader and crude hatemonger will be a Senator too.
* Fox News is one of the few networks still doing real unbiased investigational work that can make a difference...thanks to the networks uncovering of OPEC's miserliness to the world, Saudi Arabia has agreed to pony up 500$ million to the world food program.
* Fred Thompson tells us that Conservatism is not dead. Can't say I am as sure as Mr. Thompson...but I hope he is right.
* The Wall Street Journal had a reasoned and well written article by Senator Joe Biden. I am not used to hearing a good argument from a Democrat so this took me off guard, and I decided I should link to it. I am not saying I agree with Mr. Biden, but I can't say I disagree either. Let me say this, I agree with almost everything he says but not his conclusions. I think that either McCain or Obama would be a bad move for this country...I believe we have seen the best candidates from either party drop out of the race already.
* Memorial Day is coming up on Monday, please remember to keep our soldiers in your thoughts and prayers. Also, remember to thank the LORD for those who came before to give us the freedom we enjoy today.

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John said...

Is this the way that the American empire dies? A constant decay of morals? An acceptance of status quo and pragmatism?