Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some ideas fo John McCain

An article in the International Herald Tribune about McCain meeting with three possible VP candidates got me thinking about who would make a good VP for McCain. The article says that McCain has set up meetings with Mitt Romney, Charlie Crist, and Bobby Jindal. Romney most of the country knows as the recently failed Republican Presidential nominee. Charlie Crist is the smooth Governor of Florida who helped McCain win Florida. My personal favorite of the three is Bobby Jindal the conservative Governor of Louisiana...who won his election on a pro-life (absolutely pro-life) platform and favoring the teaching of intelligent design in public schools. Here are my favorites for the job: the aforementioned Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, and former Congressman JC Watts of Oklahoma. For those of you who would like to know who I think should be the Democrat VP nominee, I am having trouble deciding between poop and Jimmy Carter.
* Obama has started his VP search too...still a little presumptive, I say.
* Hugo Chavez says the USA is spying on his poverty stricken, disease and drug filled, rain forest hole of a country. I don't dislike Venezuela but any group of people who elects that neanderthal has to be partaking of the narcotics that they export.
* More proof the Democrats look down their collective noses at our military. Iowa Senator Tom Harkin said recently that he thought McCain's family history of service in the military would make him a poor choice for President. The article is also brings up Harkin's embarrassing embellishment of his own military career.
* Here is the story of a National Guard deserter trying to whine his way into staying in Canada so he doesn't go to jail. Here's a suggestion folks: if you don't want to fight as a soldier...don't join the military. (I have a little leeway here for those who are drafted) I am tired of soldiers deserting because the war is "unjust". If fighting in battle was up to each soldier's conscience then anarchy would reign in the ranks of the military. It is not up to the soldier to decide the "justness" of a conflict, it is up to the voter's at home and the politicians they elect.
* The situation in Iraq is improving, and the biggest obstacle we face there? Iran. How does the world not see that corrupt and dangerous regime for what it is, a terrorist state?
Iran lies, the whole world dies.

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