Monday, May 19, 2008


If you call yourself a Christian you cannot vote for Barack Obama. Not you should not, not you might consider first, but you CANNOT vote for him. Barack Obama has continually fought for the most heinous forms of abortion this nation has ever seen... infanticide. This article from ex-nurse Jill Stanek at is not just eye-opening or mind-boggling but completely UNBELIEVABLE. If you think a Christian can be pro-choice...okay...I won't argue that right now. But no logical human being can believe that Jesus was pro-murder, and since Obama fought the infanticide legislation is would stand to reason that he was for allowing it to continue. Which leads to my culminating point, you cannot call yourself a Christian and be for Barack Obama.
Here are a list of links/reasons NOT to vote for Barack Obama.
* Here is another argument against Obama's comparisons to JFK.
* Senator Robert Byrd the once KKK member who gets a free pass for the racist comments he makes and is much loved by the members of his party has endorsed Mr. Obama.
* Obama's hypocrisy: He called out John McCain today for his links to lobbyists but consistently says that one should not be judged by the company they keep or the people who give them money. Just a short list of Obama's "friends": Tony Rezko the corrupt businessman who loves Mr. Obama but has been cast out of his circle of friends. Jeremiah Wright the racist, hate-filled, anti-USA, preacher from Chicago. Bill Ayers the hate-filled terrorist that to this day does not believe he did anything wrong while working as a founder of the so-called Weather Underground.
And for all this and much more (which I cannot write because I do not have that kind of time) a rational thinking person, I will not... cannot vote for Barack Obama.

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