Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A tale of two movies.

There are two movies planned for release soon; the first is an Oliver Stone production about President Bush, the second is from Robert Moresco and is about Fidel Castro's exiled daughter Alina Fernandez. I have a hunch that even though the antagonist in the Fernandez movie is Castro he will be cast in a better light then our President in the Stone production. It is not hard to tell where Hollywood's loyalties usually lie in a situation like this: Micheal Moore's Bush bashing Castro loving picture Sicko is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out these reviews (Salon , Rolling Stone, MTV) and notice who loves this movie...the entertainment elite in NY and LA. Naomi Campbell praising Hugo Chavez, a man who has called our President the devil, a man who supports a terrorist organization (FARC) that sells cocaine to make money and is trying to overthrow a democratically elected government in Colombia. He is a man who mingles with and agrees with men like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who would push Israel into the sea (read: kill all Jews) if it were within his power. He is friends with Fidel Castro who has kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people in his worker's paradise of Cuba. A place where people would gladly risk their lives sailing on rafts of garbage through shark infested waters to escape the hell that has become Cuba (even if Micheal Moore and Canada love it there). Actors Kevin Spacey, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, and Harry Belafonte have all met and enjoy the company of Mr. Chavez. Hollywood and more broadly the Democratic elite's infatuation with men like Chavez, Castro, Ortega, and their ilk is bordering on treason.
I am all for a reasoned political debate, full of disagreements and heated conversation. The axe I have to grind comes when the wealthy Hollywood elite flood the movies, TV, and internet with their ideas and rail against those who disagree with them. Can they not see Chavez limiting the rights of certain segments of Venezuelan society? Does Micheal Moore not see the pain caused by Castro's socialist ideals? We argue for freedom of thought and action. We fight in Iraq and Afghanistan to bring democracy where the people can rule themselves and not be subject to tyrants. As much as they hate President Bush, he was duly elected and has no power that is not granted him by either Congress, the Constitution, or WE THE PEOPLE. Be angry at the President, fight his party's bid for reelection; but do not throw in with the filth and dross of humanity...men like Chavez, Castro, Ortega, Ahmadinejad and their kind...these names are synonymous with Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Kim Jong-Il. These men represent the inhumanity of humanity that we as Americans should all strive to defeat. I know I have veered from the beginning of this entry but it was cathartic and I feel necessary...
* Wow, talk about serendipity...this just came out on the wire today: Micheal Moore is making a sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11.

* This is why this President has been a failure. Not the War on Terror, not the Patriot Act, not Hurricane Katrina...just this...but the blame isn't all his. The blame also lays at the feet of both Republican and Democrat Congressional bodies. This is one huge problem that is everyone's fault.
* Good article on the scourge of freedom...political correctness.
* Great read from Benjamin Wiker on the plague of Darwinism on society.
* The scary truth about the violence in Lebanon and what it means for us.
* It's high time we as a nation start to realize that the welfare state is an attack on our poor, minority families. Contrary to popular belief our welfare system is causing more pain than it is easing.
* The Washington Nationals are low/no class. Lastings Milledge and Elijah Dukes (both rookies) need to WAKE UP and realize that they have already been chased out by two different baseball teams...there is a reason that the Rays and Mets could not get good trade partners for either of them.

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