Monday, May 19, 2008

The wisdom of Pat Sajak

I thought today that I would let Pat Sajak write the major thought of today's post. Being as I don't know Pat personally I was worried that he might think I was crazy and just hang up on instead of asking personally, I just decided to link to a recent article he wrote in
Pat sums up everything I feel as I watch the nightly news, or listen/read the latest political articles in the news. The Democrats decry everything as negative, hate filled, or unfair...and the Republican party just takes it. Barack Obama is upset with the Tennessee Republican Party's attack on his wife...but who put her in front with the campaign and had her making speeches and doing interviews? Shouldn't that open you up for attack? Have we seen Cindy McCain saying anything like "For the first time I am proud to be an American"? Or does Mrs. McCain just say things like, "I know my husband is the man for the job"? Anyway, read the article and you will understand what I wanted to say today. (Here is a link to another good Sajak article and his blog.)
* Apparently Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann don't like each other. Let's get one thing straight Olbermann is an jerk who uses his quick wit rather than logic and truth in his editorializing. He is the reason that average Americans don't like elitist, Hollywood/New York liberals...they talk down their noses to those who disagree with them.
* Uh-oh...Democrats are realizing that a Republican idea may actually be a good one! School choice is alive and well in Florida. As loudly as the Democrats rail against school choice and vouchers they should be is working in Florida and helping underprivileged families.
* Great article from James Taranto about Obama's anger at President Bush's speech to the Israeli Knesset. I agree with Mr. Taranto completely, when I heard the Democrat response to the President's speech I was intrigued. The Democrats were over the top angry and Obama was so sure the comments were about makes one wonder.
* In this piece the author actually suggests that Joe Lieberman is on John McCain's short list of VP candidates! Those of you who think that I am wrong about John McCain...if he picks Joe Lieberman as VP, please remember that I told you so...
* John McCain actually calls himself a "conservative Republican" in this piece.
* I don't know if this is something I should be linking to...but it seems to be out there and it seems to at least be plausible. It all started with a National Enquirer is the other side first, from the Huffington Post. There is a rumor that Barack Obama has been interested in cocaine much more recently than he would like the American public to think. Tied to that same story is that Mr. Obama may have been having homosexual relations with more than one man and be involved in someones murder! I will link to all of the related sources...yes, I know it's probably garbage.
* The Mets just took two in a row from the Yanquis! It was very nice to see that we could still score a few runs...hopefully this marks a nice little turn around for the Mets that leads to a run of wins.
It's like he is begging to lose...why does he keep looking for ways to alienate the base?

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