Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Is Hillary done?

Interesting article in Chicago Sun-Times about Tuesday's primary in Indiana and North Carolina. In the article the Obama campaign spins Clinton's Indiana win into a vast right-wing conspiracy (imagine the right-wing conspiracy working for a Clinton!)... they aren't necessarily wrong. Rush Limbaugh has been urging listeners to vote Clinton so that the Democrats continue to beat each other up, helping the Republican candidate stay on top.
I do take issue with this statement however:
"Republicans are desperate to face Clinton, because they know Obama will be harder to beat...Let’s be very clear: the Republicans want to face Senator Clinton in November, because they know that Senator Obama will be a stronger nominee for the Democrats, and will help Democratic candidates down the ballot. Republicans are so scared of Obama that they’re actually skipping their own primary to vote against him."

I disagree with this whole line of thought. I think that either Democrat would be difficult to beat in the National Election, and maybe for some this idea that Obama would be harder to beat is true. However, I think the vast majority of people believe that voting for Clinton in the primary will hurt the Democrat Party ... and that is why they are voting for her. I also think that some may be voting for her because she is the better option between the two. Many Republicans think that the next election is already lost and if they had to choose, Clinton just seems less liberal than Obama. My personal belief is that Obama actually believes what he says and therefore is more likely to try and mold things into his vision of what America should be (which is a neo-socialist state). Clinton on the other hand just wants to win and be President and have power, she will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal...even making concessions to conservatives! So I would pick her ... but if it came down to those two names on a ballot, and I had to choose one...I would pick neither!

* Greg Garrison thinks the voters of Indiana use their gut more than their brains.
* Newt Gingrich says that the Republican Party MUST change.
* A Republican loss could mean a drastic change in Party leadership.
* George McGovern weighing in on the Democrat primary and backing Mr. Obama.
* This article again shows why Iran (more specifically Iran's President Ahmadinejad), is so scary and so worthy of our attention. Ahmadinejad believes that his government and the nation of Iran are helping to usher in the end times of Islam. In case you did not know that includes a global jihad and the destruction of Israel and all of Islam's enemies (ie. the USA). You cannot reason with a true believer folks, this is a very tenuous situation.

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