Friday, May 02, 2008

Conservative Wave of Justice! (A little corny? Maybe...)

The first conservative mayor of London in 30 years was elected today. This is just one of a wave of recent conservative gains across Europe, and reason for we who identify with the conservative movement in America to begin to stir. In Germany Angel Merkel is Chancellor from the conservative Christian Democratic Party. In France Nicholas Sarkozy has been identified as a President for the American people because of his conservative views. In Italy the first conservative government since WWII was recently elected, this is also the first government of Italy since WWII not to have a representative from the Communist Party. The next national election in the United Kingdom will see the conservative Tories elected to lead the nation, as the Labour Party continues to fall apart (very similar to the Democrat collapse of '92, and the recent stumbling of the Republican Party).
Conservatives of America need to wake up, stand up, and begin to make some noise. We can make a difference and we can make ourselves heard. We need to do what the left has been doing for years and make enough noise that we start to annoy everyone into doing what we want. I mean, can't we get some tapes of Greenpeace or Planned Parenthood and learn to be as shrill as they are??? It can't be that tough, I mean those mindless drones do it .... but I digress. Let's get out there, and get involved and elect some conservatives.

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