Friday, August 28, 2009

I don't want stop asking!

My latest thought on health care reform: "I don't want to pay for your health care. I only want to pay for mine and my family...and I do pay for ours. Also, while you are listening, I don't to pay for ANY other government welfare projects either. I will choose who I give welfare to. I would gladly volunteer a significant portion of my yearly salary to helping those less fortunate... but I despise the government's attempt to compel me to "help" those the government deems less fortunate." Can you be free yet forced to comply with laws you find egregious?
* One Democrat explains why should you give up your superior health care for inferior health care... its' because you are American...
* John Stossel explains how current health care reform plans will actually INCREASE the price of health care.
* ABC and NBC will not run an advertisement criticising the President's health care plans. They don't want to run controversial political advertisements....however, they will allow the President and congressional Democrats to push their health care views as often as they would like.
* The bad news for health care reformers? The American public likes this plan even less than President Clinton's plan...and they hated that!
* Is it the President's fault that health care reform is dying?
* The dirty secret about who is running the health care debate... TRIAL LAWYERS.
Don't believe me about trial lawyers influencing Democrat lawmakers? How about Howard Dean?

Democrat no likie tort reform...
* Reasonable fear when it comes to health care "reform".
* In New York City (the best example of a fascist American system) it is now illegal to use portable electronic devices while driving. For those of you who think that this new law makes sense...consider this...why not outlaw talking while driving as it also diminishes your driving ability.
* At least someone has some integrity. I never thought I would praise Cindy Sheehan because I assumed that her opposition to the war (like many others) was purely political...however, I will apologize here and now. Mrs. Sheehan, I am sorry for believing your motives to be less than pure. I stand with you and ask... "WHERE ARE ALL THE WAR PROTESTERS!?!" At home patting themselves on the back for ridding the world of the evil George W. Bush... and why was he evil again? All of his war policies? The ones that Obama has completely taken as his own? It's time you recognize your hypocrisy America.
* Comedy gold. One of the worst polluters in Britain is a supercomputer used to predict climate change. I don't make this stuff up, folks.

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