Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ouch...it hurts.

* News today that Johan Santana and Jeff Francoeur are now hurt... from Matt Cerrone at MetsBlog -- "Instead, the Mets have put 19 players on the disabled list this season, including Carlos Delgado, David Wright, Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes, as well as Brian Schneider, Angel Pagan, Oliver Perez, John Maine, Gary Sheffield, Alex Cora, Ryan Church, and J.J. Putz, who underwent elbow surgery in June – not to mention rookie Fernando Martinez, who had been the team’s starting outfielder at the time.
Meanwhile, Jeff Francoeur, who never missed a game due to injury while with the Braves, may be forced to miss the rest of this season with a torn ligament in his thumb – all while Johan Santana has his sore elbow examined today by Dr. Altchek."

I love the Mets. As a resident of Atlanta that can be an especially arduous affiliation...especially when we are losing. But it's time to say it - Omar Minaya needs to shut this team down. Frenchy and Johan need to go on the DL and all of the guys currently on the DL need to stay there. In fact, the Mets should also send Luis Castillo and Mike Pelfrey to the Disabled List just in case. Call up non-prospect players from Triple-A and Double-A and let them have their cup of coffee in the SHOW. In the offseason cut the dead weight and find some talent on the Free Agent Market and through trades and lets try again next year.
I love the Mets and it breaks my heart to be paying good money for MLB Extra Innings just to watch them scuffle along.
* Before I take exception to something written by Jonah Goldberg, let me say that I think most of his writing is brilliant, and that I agree with every jot and tittle in his most recent post to the "Corner" about the IG report.
I would however make this point; doesn't this say something negative about our culture?
I have been apathetic to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, besides feeling passionately thankful to our soldiers and passionately sorry for their families. I was not for or against either conflict, and still find it hard to argue about. But on torture I can say that my personal belief is that all life is sacred and that my conservative leanings teach me that no one person is less valuable than any other. So when Jack Bauer has to kill one to save ten, though my heart may understand... my brain screams "NO!".
Isn't the whole idea of American values (and the reason I am against all welfare schemes) that each individual is as important as the next? It is also why I think that as Americans we should value ALL human life above all else. I guess I just think it is a sad commentary on the human condition that there are moments when we "cheer" violence enacted on others...even when it's the bad guy.
Because... we are better. Our culture, our morality, our philosophy... we are better.
* John Stossel wonders why every Obama critic is a racist.
* Literally the worst story I have ever read!
* Because Ben Bernanke has done such a great job thus far...
* Rudy running for Gov?
* Things are gonna get worse.

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