Thursday, March 12, 2009


* The majority of economists are thus far dissatisfied with President Obama and Secretary Geithner.
* Ready for the next big "stimulus"? Only 27% of Americans want a second stimulus.
* More companies deciding to outsource themselves and move to Switzerland. They should call the exodus of productive companies from the USA to other countries the Obamadus.
* Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, and Lew Rockwell...these are the guys that should be in charge. Paul as President, Schiff as Treasury Secretary, and Rockwell as the Secretary of State.

* Will terrorist pig Bill Ayers and his terrorist pig wife Bernardine Dohrn actually go to prison!?!?! One can only hope.
* La Shawn barber teaches Michael Steele a lesson. I would support Ms. Barber for RNC chair over Mr. Steele any day! Especially after his third public debacle to date.
* Global warming fire being fanned by the media? You don't say...
* A strong argument against the use of tax dollars to fund human experimentation.
* Why does the USA want universal healthcare? Canadians who can afford to flee into the US for our superior healthcare service....
* A freedom ranking of the 50 states.
* The disaster of public education.
* They should have left Rush alone.
* El jefe... El caudillo... El gran-pain-in-the-culo, tries his hand at sports journalism. Just die already.
Ari Fleischer hands Chris Matthews a whooping...

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Metsfan8 said...

Universal healthcare is a farce. Why don't people ever stop to look at the big picture? Sure it's nice in theory, but the fact remains that this will only be more detrimental to our society. Increased taxes; longer lines in Drs. offices and the ER; less and less college students will enter into medical school for fear that the money they make won't be worth the effort. Instead of punishing the American people with this stupid ideology, they should figure out how to lower insurance premiums so people could afford it. Here's an idea: let's take our antiquated idea of capitalism and competition and apply the same philosophy to the Health insurance industry!! The more providers, the larger the supply; the larger the supply, the lower the prices. Competition breeds innovation. We'll never make it in a global mkt if they take away our ability/freedom to compete.